Memory / virtual memory problem on Win2K8 server


  • Greetings everyone !

    This kind of trouble and question.
    I have Windows 2008 R2 Standard server installed on VM host on
    1 vCPU (4 cores), 5120MB vRAM and 600GB vHDD virtual machine.

    Server acts as SQL server and takes all the physical memory
    (about 4.8GB showed in task manager (screenshot 3)).

    I have also enabled virtual memory paging with 7678MB initial
    size on the operating system drive (screenshot attached).
    Databases are on other logical drive, but in there there is
    no paging activated.

    The physical memory is full , but I don't think that pagings does work.
    I also have conflicting scene (screenshot 2) with OS indicators view
    that shows that memory is not used as much as it shows in operating system.

    Please assist me with this problem. If any information is insufficient
    write it here and I will provide.

    Thank you
    Thursday, March 07, 2013 5:57 AM


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