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    When you backup VMs on a cluster shared volume, you will get this error from windows server backup:

    One or more volumes that you have included for backup are Clustered Shared Volumes. Windows Backup does not support backup of Clustered Shared Volumes. To continue, remove the clustered shared volumes from the items to back up.


    How can I backup Clustered Shared Volumes from the parent partition?




    Host based backup is when the Virtual Machine(s) configuration and state along with any associated VHD’s are backed up from the Host or parent partition. Your backup/restore application must use the VSS Hyper-V writer to insure that the resulting backup is consistent. The data included in such a backup includes the configuration of virtual machines, snapshots associated with the virtual machines, and virtual hard disks used by the virtual machines.


    Conducting parent partition-based backups in a CSV environment requires that the backup / restore application be compatible with CSV.  Currently Windows Server Backup does not support backing up of data from or storing backups on Clustered Shared Volumes. (You can, however, back up virtual machines using Windows Server Backup from within the virtual machine.)


    Here's a few links to CSV compatible solutions:

    Backup your CSV disks with DPM 2010 Beta!

    Computer Associates ARCserve:


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    Monday, February 22, 2010 8:54 AM