SBS Standard 2008 shown as Windows Standard FE after successfull activation


  • Hi,

    I came across with the following SBS 2008 issue:

    After installing and activating of the product, in System Properties we get "Windows Server Standard FE". Same info is displayed if we run "winver".

    We contacted Microsoft and checked the Product ID, Product Key and Installation Disk's part number - all are for Windows SBS 2008 Standard OEM. Some would say that, if the product is not activated, it will show itself as Windows Standard FE, which is fair enough - you don't activate your product, you use it as a trial product. Need to mention here that our product was activated online, without any problem.

    Foundation Edition (FE) version of 2008 is, as far as I know, a limited version of SBS 2008 (only 15 CALs are available, just to mention a limitation of this version). For an environment with less than 15 users, this wouldn't be too much of a trouble. However, we have around 35 users and we experience random disconnection of users.

    Looking on the Internet, I have found other people having exactly the same problem. Microsoft technical support pointed me to this forum, in the hope someone else had a similar issue and found a fix for it.

    I would kindly appreciate an advice in this matter.



    Thursday, June 14, 2012 5:32 AM