Do we really need to train our remote users that their Username needs to be the full DOMAIN\Username?


  • MS Remote Desktop Connection clients, MS Remote Desktop Services 2008 R2


    Objective:  We want ALL of our remote users to log directly into their DOMAIN accounts, not any local RDS PC host machine accounts.

    Question: Do we really need to train our remote users that their Username needs to be the full DOMAIN\Username?   

    We tried #1:  RDC host server's registy:  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]   "DefaultDomainName"="DOMAIN"   The remote client RDC program (both 6.1x and 6.2x) does not seem to honor this host registry setting.

    We tried #2: The RDC host server's option for RDP-Tcp properties, "Log on Settings", "Always use the following log on info, Domain:".   Yeah this works, BUT this FORCES a DOUBLE Login process everytime for the remote users which is very annoying.  Would have been nice if this functionality would have allowed in the passed thru credentials for username & pw which it apparently does not.

    Question:  Is there a way to absolutely force Remote User to domain DOMAIN?

    Bad screen:

    Any comments and hints would be really appreciated!




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  • just have them login with their email address ? That's what we do.

    After the it will change to the domain automatically. It's kind of cool because the users think they are performing magic :)

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