Event ID 118 Source MSExchange Search Indexer


  • Got this error and don't know how to resolve it:

    Exchange Search Indexer has temporarily disabled indexing of the mailbox database Mailbox Database 2077909523 (GUID = cb7b292e-ad0f-48f4-8481-fae1dc06e3f1) due to an error (Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionNetworkError: MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to read events. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)
    Diagnostic context:
        Lid: 12952   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: prm[0]: Long val: 469827587
        Lid: 55369  
        Lid: 16354   Win32Error: 0x6B5
        Lid: 16280   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: ComputerName: n/a
        Lid: 8600    dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: ProcessID: 6540
        Lid: 12696   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: Generation Time: 2013-01-21 15:02:33:816
        Lid: 10648   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: Generating component: 2
        Lid: 14744   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: Status: 1717
        Lid: 9624    dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: Detection location: 1750
        Lid: 13720   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: Flags: 0
        Lid: 11672   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: NumberOfParameters: 1
        Lid: 12952   dwParam: 0x6B5      Msg: EEInfo: prm[0]: Long val: 469827587
        Lid: 55369  
        Lid: 28777   StoreEc: 0x80040115
        Lid: 20098  
        Lid: 20585   StoreEc: 0x80040115
       at Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionHelper.ThrowIfError(String message, Int32 hresult, SafeExInterfaceHandle iUnknown, Exception innerException)
       at Microsoft.Mapi.MapiEventManager.ReadEvents(Int64 startCounter, Int32 eventCountWanted, Int32 eventCountToCheck, Restriction filter, ReadEventsFlags flags, Boolean includeSid, Int64& endCounter)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.RetriableOperations.ReadEvents(ThreadLocalCrawlData unused1, MapiEventManager eventManager, Int64 watermark, Int32 eventCount, Int64& endCounter)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.RetriableOperations.DoRetriableMapiOperation[SourceType,ReturnType,Parameter1Type,Parameter2Type,Parameter3Type](ThreadLocalCrawlData crawlData, SourceType source, Parameter1Type parameter1, Parameter2Type parameter2, Parameter3Type& parameter3, MapiOperationDelegate`5 operationDelegate)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.NotificationWatcher.GetMapiEvents(Int32 maxEvents, NotificationQueue notificationQueue, Int64& endCount)
       at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.NotificationWatcher.NotificationWatcherThread()), and Operations Manager would never alert it.

    Monday, January 21, 2013 3:20 PM