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  • I'm not certain if this is the right place to post this message, but since this is a pretty general question I will post it here.

    I've recently started experiencing a very strange issue of client machines and servers (XP, 2003, and 7) where internet search engines don't work. I can pull up and access the main pages such as, bing, google, etc, but when you do a search the page just sits and spins it's wheels. I've run malware scans, spyware, and virus scans and all come up clean.

    All client machines get IP's from the DHCP server, and all servers have statically assigned IP's.

    What I have found is that if I statically assign a DIFFERENT IP address to the clients the search engines are restored and appear to work fine.

    Also during my troubleshooting, I have rebooted the DHCP server, restarted the DNS service, flushed DNS and ARP caches on the servers clients and the ARP cache on the internet router.

    If I assign the clients the same IP address they previously had the search engines go back to not working.

    IF anyone else has experienced this same thing or knows of a permanent solution that doesn't involve assigning static IP addresses to my clients or changing my server IP's - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your thoughts! I'd greatly appreciate the help!


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:21 PM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post.

    Please firstly check if we could access the websites with IP address. If so, we can affirm that it is a DNS issue.

    In this case, please also capture a network trace on the problematic client and tell me the network topology of your environment.

    Network monitor traffic
    Download and install Wireshark.

    For your convenience, I have created a workspace for you.  You can upload the information files to the following link.  (Please choose "Send Files to Microsoft")
    Workspace URL: (
    Password: 8bHaUOcnM]a

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    Friday, June 24, 2011 9:20 AM
  • That's the thing. I can access the pages via DNS names, everything just hangs when you try and use a search engine to do a search. The only solution I have been able to come up with is changing the client IP address. If I change the client IP to something different, the search engines start working just fine.
    Friday, June 24, 2011 4:42 PM
  • Can your server use the search engines?
    Friday, June 24, 2011 4:49 PM
  • No, server does the same thing. I can go to or or bing, but when i type in anything in the search bar it just sits and does nothing. Same thing with the search provider bar in the browser. It just sits and spins its wheels.

    Obviously this is a problem for the servers because I can't just go in and change the IP address of those to fix it.

    Friday, June 24, 2011 4:56 PM