Can not copy and Paste in Remote Desktop Sessions - Needs to be fixed, restarting rdpclip.exe is not a resolution


  • Hi,

    Our users need to be able to copy and paste out of remote desktop sessions constantly and this issue where teh clip board stops working is very bad for us and costing us hundreds of man hours.

    restarting rdpclip.exe doesn't work either most of the time so even though i may have put up with a batch file or etc the users could click on to "fix" the issue this is not applicable to us becasue 75% of the time this does nothing and the user is forced to end the session and restart a new one. Throw a Xenapp Farm in to the mix and it becomes a even bigger problem.

    Operating systems are: windows server 2003 (latest service pack), 2008 R2 (latest service pack), windows 7 (latest service pack), Windows embedded standard 7 (latest service pack)

    I wonder if someone will actually answer this for me, as i have asked this question elsewhere before and got no response. This is issue is big problem for us along with almost all of business users using terminal server or Citrix Xenapp. Why has it not been fixed it has been ongoing for years?

    Thursday, January 31, 2013 11:58 PM