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  • Hi all and thank you for your time to answer my question

    i am not an experience on Windows clustering so i decide to setup a lab to understand the whole cluster architecture, during that tests (on virtual machines) and after some reading i have some FAQ's on when the failover proccess will happen on a failure

     i setup a two node cluster on Windows 2008 with a iSCSI shared storage, no other apps or services on the cluster just the Quorum drive with the default cluster configuration, all validation tests were successful

    Quorum model is node and disk majority as the reccomended on even number of nodes

    when power off  the vm where is the active node the Q drive goes to the other node as expected

    when power off the lan of the public interface on the active node the Q drive goes to the other node as expected

    but when i power off the lan of the iscsi interface (no MPIO configured) that connect the Quorum drive to the active node the the Q drive DOES NOT goes to the other node, i think this is the expected behavior, right?

    because if i understand right on my reading on a two node cluster if the Quorum drive fail the cluster will fail right?

    i just need a confirmation on this

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    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:14 AM


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