Monitoring / Checking A Server's Time


  • We have had a few instances where a server (and sometimes a DC) have been unavailable due to the server's time being off by over an hour or two, and sometimes more. I am not asking this question on the SCOM forums since most network monitoring solutions are built on monitoring using Windows Authentication, which of course won't help when it comes to the time being off.

    My question is has anyone had experience monitoring time skew using other means and/or tools (free and/or costly)? We thought, for example, to have a script contact some external time source and compare the time locally to the time on the external source, and if it fails, fire off an e-mail and/or snmp trap. Alternatively, even when the time is off, is there a way possibly via SNMP to determine that so as to not have to rely on Windows Authentication?



    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:08 AM

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