essentials dashboard - devices tab


  • does anyone know if multiple servers joined to essentials domain, can be displayed in 2012 essentials dashboard under devices tab?

    i installed server 2012 essentials no problems. I recently added a 2nd 2012 std server to 2012 essentials domain. but does not show up in the dashboard.
    the 2nd server has been successfully joined to domain by using the traditional method. i can see it in AD access it on network etc.
    i can see it using server manager 2012, but not thru essentials dashboard devices tab.
    is the essentials dashboard limited to just the main essentials server under devices tab?
    is it possible to add additional 2008 r2 servers and 2012 std servers to 2012 essentials dashboard under Devices tab?
    is there AD setting or group policy setting, or power shell command to manually add devices to essentials dashboard device tab?

    Friday, January 18, 2013 9:57 PM


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