Move Windows Server 2008 system partition


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    Please refer this Articel. It may be helps

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    Thursday, October 01, 2009 10:30 PM
  • You can use ghost or Acronis True Image, however, they are not supported by Microsoft.
    • Proposed as answer by jyrkiar Saturday, October 23, 2010 3:27 PM
    Friday, October 02, 2009 10:14 AM
  • You can use ghost or Acronis True Image, however, they are not supported by Microsoft.

    This answer is more correct what comes to most cases about moving partitions / volumes. In case that it is needed to move actual data lets say inside of one disk from end to beginning or vice versa.

    As an example: i just removed obsolent dual boot from system where unwanted OS was at the partition in beginning of the drive and Srv2008R2 was at the second half of the drive.
    Then after deleting first partition i got unallocated data in the beginning of the drive and working server 2008 r2 at the end of the drive. I found out once again that native diskmgmt.msc is not capable to extend system volume if unallocated space is before OS.
    It needs to experience to remember all those combinations which is possible and which is not with native tools in different OS versions. This Vista forward diskmgmt functions are big step forward from XP and earlier though..

    I would second question original need to move system partition to another disk. What exactly is the reason that forces to move OS to another disk? Or is there some need to get Windows to other letter than C:\ -i guess not, even if original post said that it was needed to move to f:\ instead of saying disk2.
    But then arises the question if it is wanted to stay as C:\ but move it's data to another physical disk and get windows boot from there instead? 

    Then using some imaging or image based backup software to copy data of the system volume to backup and then restoring it to another drive would be solution. I believe some progs can mirror it directly sector by sector without using backup disk as tempoarary location first.

    After OS is restored to new location it needs start up repair tool from install media to fix broken boot information. So better to get that disk near you before procedure..

    Anyhow, swapping actual physical drives (cables at the mobo) at first and then repairing that boot should also do the job.
    Then windows would still be at C:\ but locating at disk 2 instead of 1.

    Saturday, October 23, 2010 3:27 PM