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  • We are installing our first SBS 2011 Essentials system and are learning along the way.  Today for the first time I tried to run the "Connector" software to connect the workstations (3 identical machines, all running Windows 7 Professional) to the server.  In every case I was able to start the Connector program (via the http://server/connect URL), and the expected screen appeared.  I was able to get all the way through the entry of the network user ID and password (which were recognized, because I got a window saying that the account was an administrator account, which is true).  One of the other machines I tried will not use an administrator account and did not give this message.  In all three cases, after entering the network ID and password, I get the Windows circle (hourglass) running for a while, then I always receive the following error:

    "Cannot connect this computer to the network.  The server is not available.  Try connecting again, or for more information see .... "

    I have tried this multiple times on all three workstations with the same result.  The link and activity lights on both the machine network cards and the switch all look fine.  Plus I am able to ping between the server and workstation (in both directions) with no problem.  So, the two machines can see each other.  There seems to be some problem with the SBS 2011 OS or the connector software or ???

    The only slightly unexpected thing that has happened on the server is that when we installed Peachtree Quantum on the server, the program insisted on using IP v4, rather than v6.  Could this possibly affect basic connectivity between the server and workstations?

    Thanks very much for any help or assistance you can offer.  This has been very frustrating.


    John Nork
    Sunday, October 9, 2011 11:41 PM


  • The problem was caused by the default firewall settings in the Symantec Endpoint Protection client (unmanaged) that we had installed on the server for additional security.  Once I disabled the firewall, the SBS 2011 Essentials Connector program ran fine.  Something in the firewall was blocking the program after it got to a certain point in the installation process.

    Since we don't want to leave the firewall disabled on a permanent basis, I now need to now what server resources the Connector program uses (what ports on the server firewall I should open).  I have not been able to find this information in the Microsoft documentation.  Does anyone know what ports we need to open to allow the Connector program to work?  Also, I assume that the client machines will need those same server ports open on an ongoing basis (after the Connector program has been run).




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