Adding START button in Windows 8 to make it look like Windows 7

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  • In Windows 8, Microsoft eliminated the start button at the bottom of task bar which most Windows 7 users are familiar and easy to access everything from there.

    Is there a way to make the windows 8 opening screen look like Windows 7 with the taskbar restored?

    Thanks, Microsoft again goofed! Why again, in Windows 7, they eliminated the option of adding password...

    Monday, April 01, 2013 8:01 AM

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  • Start8:

    Classic Shell:

    3rd party is the only way. Thank microsoft for it!

    Monday, April 01, 2013 10:53 AM
  • So Microsoft is going back wards again so I GUESS WE WILL BE USING TAB works again very soon.

    will there be a windows patch for this soon to bring back the workings of windows 7 or is Microsoft going to continue to be a patch itself?

    why does Microsoft want to create its on down fall for such a wreckless OS like windows 8.

    I would like to be able to get the start button back with out installing third party stuff. I do not want to go back to Dos commands to make stuff work. Is this why IT is going to be going out of business soon and let Microsoft bring us down with them?

    Please help us from the ugly software that does not function and fire them all. maybe give the three year old the job. but for now I am stuck with the patch if it comes out or third party thing. and what am I paying my money on?Please someone help me from Microsoft garbage.

    Saturday, January 04, 2014 2:25 AM
  • WE just bought a new Toshiba with windows 8, first of all windows 8 sucks and then about a week ago the start button disappeared. I'm not a computer type guy but why would it disappear, how do I get it back and how do I turn it off. I wish I had gone with windows 7 much better OS with password. Can Microsoft techs give us back our start button this program is very non-used friendly. Emmett
    Saturday, January 04, 2014 6:32 AM
  •   You will need to ask Toshiba, not us. The start button software is supplied by them, not by Microsoft.


    Saturday, January 04, 2014 11:27 PM
  • Hi,

    If you Upgrade to Windows 8.1, the Start-button will appear. Though not as in Windows 7.
    The Windows 8.1 Upgrade is free of charge through Microsoft store in Windows 8

    Saturday, January 04, 2014 11:40 PM
  • In addition to what Bill says, I am not sure I understand your comment about "OS with password".  Windows 8 most definitely makes use of passwords.  It is your choice as to whether or not you use them, just like previous versions.

    .:|:.:|:. tim

    Monday, January 06, 2014 2:17 PM
  • Try Iobit start orb (free) and/or ' Classic Start' 

    Start 8 is also a solution but will cost you 1 dollar for unlimited serials

    Monday, January 06, 2014 2:22 PM