Assign Personal Virtual Desktop to Physical Machine Through RD Connection Broker


  • I have a scenario which I need some help regarding an issue related to the VDI:

    A physical machine which is located in a show room can have different users log on to it every day, but this machine has static configuration regarding the Window number of the show room; The best way for replacing this physical machine with a VM is to configure the client to connect directly to the new VM which has all the needed configuration for the Window of the show room.

    My question here is that isn’t there any other way to let the connection pass by a connection broker and a session host before transferred to the desired VM regardless of the user logs in? Simply isn’t there a way to assign a personal virtual desktop to a computer account not a  user account?

    Another solution is on my mind but can't find a way to deploy it:

    The configuration I am talking about is an XML file, how can I copy the correct XML file every time a user logs in to the virtual machine? the configuration file that has to be copied depend on the client that I am connecting from. For example, if I connect to a virtual machine from PC-01 with the IP to any VM regardless of its name or IP, it copies the configuration that is related to PC-01 or

    I really appreciate any idea, thanks alot guys in advance :)

    Monday, March 12, 2012 9:51 AM


  • Hi,

    In the logon script you may check the CLIENTNAME environment variable and copy the correct xml file as needed.  For example:

    @echo off
    if "%clientname%" == "PC-01" copy c:\configs\pc-01.xml w:\config.xml
    if "%clientname%" == "PC-02" copy c:\configs\pc-02.xml w:\config.xml

    Please note that the logon script will not run when a user is reconnected to an existing session so you need to have the session log off automatically when they disconnect or use some other method to handle the reconnect case like ReconnAct.

    Is there a reason why you cannot use a RD Session Host server instead of VMs?



    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9:34 AM