Server 2000sp4 Domain Migration to Server 2008r2


  • Hello Everyone, I wanted to get advice on a normal process of decommissioning a Domain Controller. My environment is a Server 2000sp4 single domain. We have AD, DNS , Print server and a couple of shared  folders on this  single Server 2000sp4 DC/GC.

                    I have a New Dell R610 with Server 2008r2 loaded and joined to the domain. I was wondering if I move all FSMO roles and make the new server a Global Catalog with DNS and then wait for replication, will this be enough to allow for the demotion of the old DC/GC?  I need to retain the Ip address and Name of the original DC/GC. I figured one the replication was finished I would unjoin the domain with the new DC and change the name and reboot, then change the IP address and rejoin the domain  and DC promo the old DC and remove it from the domain.  Does anyone see a issue with this process?

                    I am also concerned with moving shared folders/drives and retaining their permissions and users. I also have a Cannon dp2330 that does not seem to be compatible with Server 2008r2 so I am not sure how to move this print queue.

                    My users are using locally stored profiles will there be any logon issues after this migration?

    Thanks for any help

    Sincerely Thomas Bollig 

    Friday, June 01, 2012 1:10 AM


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