Why is backup to Windows Server 2012 Essentials so slow and how can I improve the speed


  • I'm running Windows Server 2012 Essentials in a vSphere VM with 32GB of RAM and a Xeon 1220 v2.  I'm using PCI passthrough with 3ware 9750-8i.  Connected to that in a two way mirrored storage pool are 4 x 2TB drives and 2 x 1TB drives.  All of the servers's shared folders, including client backups, are on this storage pool.  I've disabled caching on the 3ware.

    A backup of a client machine just finished.  It took 9 days to back up 1.3TB of data, most of which are photos and videos on on a Microsoft software mirrored RAID on the client.  This seems to be a shockingly long time to me.  When I look at the resource monitor on the server, the writes to the disk from WSSBackup range from 500 KB/s to 1.1 MB/s and total IO on the system is less than 3MB/s, which is far below what the system is capable of doing.  For example, I can copy files to the server at speeds that are better than 50 MB/s, so this seems specific to the backup.  The network usages on the client machine is minimal with spikes to 12% once a minutes or so for one second.

    Does anyone know how to improve the performance of the client backups?

    Thank you.

    Monday, December 24, 2012 5:49 PM


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