ipconfig/all shows cluster Virtual IP's Configured under physical NIC adapters

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  • Few days back i had activity to upgrade NIC drivers and Firmware on windows server 2008 Cluster nodes. Before start of activity, i have taken backup of configured IP's using ipconfig/all command for safer side. Post activity completed I have configured the same IP's as per backup I have taken before.

    I tried to do the fail over testing of cluster resources but it was not successful and got the error of IP conflict which was very strange for me. I looked up again on IP configuration and found everything perfect as per backup. Finally I looked up in our internal application of IP database and found discrepancy in IP configuration with ipconifg/all backup that I have taken.  Fail over testing has been done successfully after configured the correct IP's.

    I have found that while taking backup of ip configuration i have used ipconfig/all command which captures the cluster virtual IP's as well and its was showing configured in NIC adapter which is not actually anywhere available in Physical adapter.

    I believe the cluster virtual IP's should not be shown as configured in NIC adapter.

    Monday, April 01, 2013 7:06 AM

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