DHCP migration 2003 32bit x86 to 2008 x64 64bit (core) RRS feed

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  • I've searched and searched but found NO exact procedure for this, I hope this is the right place to post and trust somebody else Bings/Googles it and find this help.

    While trying to migrate DHCP from Windows 2003 32bit to Windows 2008 64bit it simply doesn't work, there are numerous Microsoft articles about the procedure but none actually give and end result of the 'whole' DHCP database (leases, reservations, scope settings) being moved from old to new.  Detail as follows:


    I believe the problem is caused by the inability to export from 32bit and import to 64bit (I’ve tested every option and the only successful copy was Win2003 32bit to Win2003 32bit), there must be some differences in the database that is created.  I cannot validate this at the moment without setting up Windows 2003 64bit or Windows 2008 32bit (would be interesting to test though!)

    The alternative option is to ‘dump’ the dhcp settings to a text file, edit and replace the old server IP address with the new one and then import that to the 2008 RSP server.  Instructions as follows:

    >> Source server:

    >> Open the DHCP Management Console, right click each Scope and press Deactivate (can also be done via netsh)

    >> At a command prompt run: 

    >> netsh dhcp server dump > c:\dhcpdump.txt

    >> Open c:\dhcpdump.txt in notepad and Edit – Replace | Find what: oldipaddress | Replace with: newipaddress

    >> Save the updated file to \\destinationservername\c$\dhcpdump.txt

    >> Destination server:

    >> On the destinationservername server at the command prompt run:

    >> net stop dhcpserver

    >> del c:\windows\system32\dhcp\dhcp.mdb

    >> net start dhcpserver

    >> netsh exec c:\dhcpdump.txt

    >> Lots of text scrolls on the screen, the main points to note are Command completed successfully, a couple of DHCP Server Service restarts and 1 regarding Scope Change.

    >> Open the DHCP Management Console, right click each Scope and press Activate (can also be done via netsh)

    From looking at the config it seems that around 70 lines can be commented out so they don't attempt to import, in my case it wasn't necessary as it 'just worked'.


    Having spoken to the person I sent these instructions to (who also looked for an alternative/better/MS solution and found nothing) commented that its more user friendly and faster.  Please test this and let me know your thoughts.



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