Paging file size on HV host


  • Hello,

    I made some research on WEB but would like to ask here just to be sure...

    I have couple of hosts with 38GB of RAM.

    28GB are assigned to VMs.

    Default Windows paging file of the host now is 38GB (58GB Recommended).

    Please let me know your settings for the host and VMs paging.

    1. In my case, can I set 10GB paging file for the host, since 28GB will be assigned for VMs?

    2. If SQL server VM has 16GB of RAM. Do I really need to assign 16GB of paging to VM?

    VM doesn't need virtual memory but physical.

    What will be appropriate PF size for this particular VM?


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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 1:59 PM


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