Why does the space used by files on my hard drive show different numbers ?


  • hi,

    By right-clicking on the drive and clicking on Properties

    You can see, Explorer reports that about 7.52 go are used and that 282 Mo is available as free space. And the total capacity of the disk is 9.99 GO.

    When you back in windows explorer’s view of my driver

    Click on any file at the root of C: and type CTRL+A to select All files. Now, right click on any of the files selected and click on Properties:

    You can see that windows reports the size of all file in c:\ and something called “size on disk” and neither are the close to the 7.52 reported to be in use earlier.

    I want to know how to increase the disk free space on my disk. here i lose 3 Go

    Thanks in advance

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