Hyper-V replication using certificates


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    I've set up 2 Servers (WIN8HV1 and WIN8HV2) with Windows 8 server beta, Hyper-V is installed and works fine. Both servers are on the same subnet and in a workgroup. I'm trying to set up replication between these 2 servers with certificates for authentication. The certificates and generated from a CA running on one of the vm's. The CN in the cert matches the hostname of each server and the CA-cert is imported into the "Trusted root CA" and the cert is installed in the personal folder of the computer store. But when I try to configure replication using HTTPS and selecting the CA-cert I get the following error when I click apply.

    Not expired/revoked: check
    Server Authentication: check
    Private keys: check
    CN = "WIN8HV1" (same as the hostname)
    Issued by the CA selected: check

    Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thank you all in advance :)

    Regards Per-Torben Sørensen

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