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  • So far this seemingly simple task has not been as simple as I had expected. I've tried to accomplish this several different ways, this is my most recent attempt -

    Under "Application Management\Applications\Packages" I've created a package with these settings and distributed it -

    • Name : Test files
    • This package contains source files checked
    • Source folder (UNC Name) : "\\server\packages\Test Files"
    • Do not create a program

    In the task sequence I created a "Run command line" step under "State restore\Install applications" using -

    • Name : Copy Files
    • Command line - xcopy /q /y /c "%~dp0*.txt" "C:\Windows\Temp" /i
    • With "Package:" checked and the "Test files" package selected

    After deployment the files have not been copied and this is what i find in the smsts.log -

    Adding instruction at 145
    Parsing step node: Copy Files
    ContinueOnError: true
    SuccessCodeList: 0 3010
    RetryCount: 0
    No condition is associated with the step.
    Run in attribute: WinPEandFullOS
    DefaultVarlist found
    Variable name: SMSTSDisableWow64Redirection
    Variable name: _SMSTSRunCommandLineAsUser
    Action command line: smsswd.exe /run:OSU003AE xcopy /q /y /c .\*.* "C:\Windows\Temp" /i
    Adding instruction at 146

    You can probably tell that I'm new to SCCM so I'm sure that I'm just having a disconnect. I'd appreciate it if any of you could point me in the right direction before I lose the last of my hair. 


    Friday, August 23, 2019 9:50 PM

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