Virtual PC - numerous problems [Wrong forum I know]


  • Hi,
    I'm having some Virtual PC issues and am hoping I can find some help here.

    The first problem is that I can't find a Virtual PC forum on MSDN on which I can ask about my *real* problem. Does anyone know the best place to ask VPC questions?

    If anyone fancies tackling what my real problem is then here it is. I have got Virtual PC RC running on Windows 7. Everything is working fine except for the fact that the mouse seems to be calibrated wrongly i.e. Wherever I click/right-click, that's not where the guest OS thinks I have clicked - instead (e.g.) the context menu that appears when I right-click on the desktop appears in a completely different place. This is a big problem as you can imagine.

    I'm experiencing a few other oddities as well but for now I want to get this mouse problem sorted.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

    Jamie | | @jamiet
    Sunday, August 09, 2009 3:49 PM


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