DHCID record in DNS for domain-member Windows clients


  • Hi All,

    We are maintaining a fairly large (~3500 windows nodes in primary zone, +DMZ, +Unix machines, ~7500 entries in primary DNS zone) windows domain environment, with five 2008 R2 domain controllers, two of them have DNS role, and a separate 2008R2 cluster has the DHCP role.
    We just enabled the DHCP name protection a few weeks ago on all DHCP scopes and found a very strange issue: DHCID records are created for domain member Windows 7 workstations. Not only for one or two, but a lot. As far as I now, only non windows workstation should get DHCID. Just to mention, the primary DNS zone is a AD-integrated zone.

    We checked the AD object of those machines, they are intact, connection between the machines and AD is fine. No network outage occurred for quite a while, and at least one AD is always available. 

    Only this issue, that these records are created is not a big deal by itself, but I'm afraid the root cause of this problem could do more harm, so I really want to find out why this happens.

    thank you


    Thursday, July 18, 2013 7:50 AM