Remote Desktop IP Virtualization Change Preferred IP to Deprecated


  • I have configured Remote Desktop IP Virtualization with static ip adresses in the registry. 
    All works fine. When I log in, I get the IP address i specified in the registry.


    The appliciation that we use connects based on IP address. But now we have 2 ip adresses:
    The IP address of Remote Desktop Services Server and the virtual IP address from the registry.
    The application is not working now.

    When I type ipconfig /all, i see the IP address of Remote Desktop Services Server is the "Preferred" one and the one from the registry is the "Deprecated".
    I think when the virtual ip address can be changed to the "Preferred" one, the application is going to work.

    So can I change the Preferred IP address to the Deprecated IP address? Or just disable the "Preferred" IP address, so there is only the virtual IP address?


    Friday, August 06, 2010 8:23 AM

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