"Directory was not backed up because it is a reparse point" - is the error message I just received RRS feed

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  • 9-20-17 @ 1:39 P.M.

          I decided I'd better get more diligent about saving / protecting my documents (especially) after retiring from 30+ years of law practice. A File History Backup Log popped up with this message

    "Directory was not backed up because it is a reparse point:

    If you want it to be protected, remove the reparse point."

          I have no idea what that means, or how to "remove the reparse point" (which is something I've never heard of) or what I should do. Can you please help?  Sherman Smith

    P.S. I'm using Windows 10 with the latest update(s) on My Dell Latitude 3450 with 8 GB of memory.
    Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:44 PM

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