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    I am an IT Techinitian at a college in the UK and I've been having some problems with accessing or .uk websites.


    We are using Windows Server 2008 accross three of our site locations (i.e. three college sites with a Windows Server 2008 at each site)  and every so often ( i.e. every 2 -3 days a week) we are unable to get access to any / .uk and even .fr websites. It never seems to affect .com websites however, only websites from the UK. Why is this?

    One of our college locations ISP is JA.NET and the other two by Aquiss. So I can rule out that it is to do with the ISPs as we get the problem across two sites (one JA.NET - one Aquiss).

    I have tried flushing the DNS to no avail. Also, tracert does not work when the problem arrises.

    However, I can resolve the problem by re-starting the servers - however this is in no way ideal. So the problem seems to be lay somewhere with the servers (Win 2008) Can anyone help me?

    Thanks - Richard

    Sunday, May 01, 2011 2:01 PM


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