How to Install SSL Cert on Win NT IIS 4. with 2048 Bit Lenght key on it


  • Hello, Hopefully anyone can help me
    I have an application running on servers with WIN NT IIS4 using WLBS, (i know it shouldn't be but, we got to this situation, we acquire this company and found this environment) why we just don’t move it to another more updated OS? well it is a double edged sword – the applications is old enough that we actually think it can run properly,
    So, the case is we need to renew the certificate and I was not able to chose 2048 bit in the options when generating the csr, so I generate the CSR in other server and get the cert renewed, installed and get the cert exported to a PFX, however when attempting to install the exported cert (with the key on it) to the WIN NT server it doesn’t like it, so I got stuck and need to get this working asap as the cert is going to expire next week, I wil appreciate if you have any idea on how can I get this renewed and working,
    Sunday, November 18, 2012 2:41 PM


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