Cannot enable ipv6 on windows 7 home premium RRS feed

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  • I am trying unsuccessfully to enable IPv6, which is described in 99.9% of forum answers to this issue as one or other of nos. 1 - 3 following:

    1. Using the 'network connections' 'Properties' and selecting 'TCP-IPv6 as a 'Protocol' to install

    [Problem: the dialogue box 'Local Area Connection Properties' shows IPv6 as 'checked' in the list headed "The connection uses the following properties", but when I click the button "Install" to bring up dialogue box 'Install Network Feature Type', then click on 'Protocol', to bring up dialogue 'Select Network Protocol to Install', then click on 'Add' to bring up dialogue box 'Select Network Protocol', that dialogue box is blank (shows no protocol name/s) and so gives me only the option to click button 'Have Disk' (which I do not have)]

    2. Using elevated cmd.exe and various recommended command-line instruction sequences (netsh etc etc), and I have also checked the existence of variants of netsh (using netsh /? ), and experimented with the results to try to find any commands related to IPv6 which do not appear in the forum recommendations

    [Problem: I cannot find any commands which contain the name 'IPv6' and relate to installing this protocol; and the commands which activate/deactivate IPv4 do not work if 'IPv6' is patched into the command)]

    3. Using the recommended registry mods via regedit.exe

    [Problem: when I get to creating the 'DisabledComponents' parameter and click on it (after doing necessary re-boots on the way), no control string shows up (like '11111...111') to be modified (in position e.g. 5) to '.... 10111') - or whatever.

    4. I have also tried to download the windows 7 update KB976932; but it does not complete, I just get a few download files with extensions like '.osi.PART', and couple of '.exe' files which seem to be the update/install executables, but will not execute. (this may well be a broadband issue; I am on copper wire up in the French Alps!)

    Question: it seems there should be a simple command sequjnce in method (2) above, and I do remember seeing one one on the 'Superuser' forum involving 'winsock', 'flush DNS', and 'netsh' - but unfortunately I did nto copy it, and now cannot find it.

    Can anyone help please?

    Kevin James +33-663425050 or or via this forum

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016 9:11 AM