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  • Hi, I have a new Windows server 2012 R2 2-node cluster running on vmware 5.5 with an EMC backend on fibre channel disks.  I have successfully setup the SQL server 2012 cluster resource, and a File Server Cluster resource.  I have successfully been able to create two shares on the file server cluster resource.  Failover between the nodes is not a problem.  However on either the active or the passive node, after the shares have been created the first time, I cannot seem to add a third share.

    The Share wizard grays out and doesn't let me create another share, after the initial two.

    If I click the following:  Failover Cluster Manager -> Roles -> Click on Cluster Share Resource -> Add File Share -> SMB Share - Quick.  On this screen, normally you would see the Server Name listed and the share location.  However all I'm seeing is, "Type a Custom Path" and "Browse", which doesn't work.  I can't click further and eventually cancel out. 

    I have tried this from both nodes.  I've also verified the WINRM service is running by issuing this command:  winrm qc.  I saw a post about this and making sure that is running.  Please note this is server 2012 R2 release.  Any ideas or other items I can give a try. 

    There was also another note about some patches but when I applied those it said it did not apply to this release.  Patch# KB2796000,  The patch specifically mentions server 2012 and the symptoms are close to the listed error message, but when you attempt to apply the release to server 2012 R2 it does not apply. 

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