ADFS 3.0 2012 R2 - I need help identifying my farm federation servers and starting to remove some RRS feed

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    I inherited our ADFS infrastructure with little documentation, and I am trying to identify how everything i working together. I have a document of the layout, so I know server named and purposes, but I immediately became confused, as the layout shows a Production farm behind a load balancer and a DR farm behind a DR load balancers, two totally seperate farms it appears, but when I log into one of the DR federation servers, they show they are getting all their data from the Primary Federation Server on the production farm.

    So I set about googling how to see the farm members on the Primary ADFS Server, and I cannot find ANYTHING to look that up, and to see what all federation servers are in the production farm. I found a powershell command but I think it started in Serevr 2016, so that was no good.

    Can anyone tell me how I can see what all servers are in the farm on the primary federation server, and also if removing a server from the farm is as simple as just removing the ADFS component in Server Manager, on the secondary server?

    Thank You so much, I am not ADFS trained, and am only taking it because I have to. I am trying to read and understand, but I am still quite confused about how the trusts and all that work. So please assume I am a total newb in your reply, especially if part of the decomission is to do cert work or share work.

    Thank You so much for any help!

    Thursday, July 2, 2020 10:17 PM

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