Server 2012 R2 Keeps crashing


  • Hi, i have a problem in my lab setup which i am unable to resolve. I have 4 equal HP ML310Gen8 Servers with 16GB Ram and a simple Samsung SSD as Bootdrive for all of them, all of them have an extra 4port HP NC365T Nic. 3 of the server are configured as Hyper-V hosts in a cluster and the fourth is a filserver with another 4 tiered drives in a storagespace pool acting as shared storage for the cluster. Everything works great except for intermittent crashes with all four servers and i am guessing the driver for the storage controller (HP SA120i) since the fileserver keeps crashing the most and very often related to storage use like starting a vm from the shared storage. The Servers works fine with Windows Server 2012 but not R2 and i dont know how to find or correct the problem since searching for bugcheck 139 gets me nowhere.

    Here is the only error message i get after each crash on every server

    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000139 (0x0000000000000002, 0xfffff800cc2cd610, 0xfffff800cc2cd568, 0x0000000000000000). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 080913-10687-01.

    So i am wondering if anyone has any idea on how to go further with this without switching hardware ?



    Friday, August 9, 2013 8:09 AM


  • I found the problem myself eventually. HP SA B120i is not working with server 2012 R2 atm, but you can disable raid functionallity in bios and use it as a SATA AHCI controller and that will work with R2. 
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    Friday, August 9, 2013 3:39 PM

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