Gateway VERY slow to resolve target computer from connection broker load balancer to session host RRS feed

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  • We have deployed RDS 2016 into Azure and internally everything works well but externally we experience some lag.

    We have two gateway servers configured in HA they pass off authentication to two Azure MFA servers configured in HA then pass the user back to two connection brokers in HA which are load balanced with an Azure load balancer.

    Watching the gateway monitor we can see that when a user accesses via IE their session appears once they have authenticated through the MFA server, however, the target computer address appears as the connection broker load balancer address. This then sits there for about 45 second before being converted to the session host that the user has been directed to. Once the target computer displays the session host it takes about 20-30 seconds for the user connect. 

    However, if the user connects using the remote desktop app on an iPad or iPhone the users session appears on the gateway as soon as they step through the MFA process and the target computer address changes from the load balancer address to the session host almost immediately before then logging on within 20-30 seconds which is much quicker. 

    Initial thoughts were perhaps the connection broker load balancer was playing up but it works immediately when using the remote desktop app on the iPad so that appears fine, there seems to be some kind of delay between hitting the gateway servers and the user being directed to the appropriate session host when using IE to access and wonder if this is some odd behaviour of the activex plugin on IE.

    When using the remote desktop app the user experience is more than acceptable but via the portal the login process is very slow with this 40 plus seconds of additional lag prior to the user actually logging onto the desktop. 

    Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. 

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    Wednesday, August 16, 2017 10:48 AM

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