How to set up proxy server


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    I am dealing with server 2008 std an my goal is to be albe so set op a proxy server on my local network, so I am able to control which websites is allowed allowed, and at the same time get to learn about how a proxy actually works. I have seached a lot around the net but I havent been able to find any kind of guid that show how you set up your computer to work as a proxyserver for you local network. I found the windows server 2008 connection manager administration kit, but I can only creat auto dialers for vpn servers with that and VPN connections isn't neccesary for me since the server only has to between the local net and the internet.

    I really hope someone can explain or show me a guid about how to set up a proper proxy server.
    Monday, May 11, 2009 10:02 PM


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