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  • Hi All,

    Excuse, I know this question is too silly.

    I am using below PS script to check top 20 CPU process

    Get-Counter -ComputerName localhost '\Process(*)\% Processor Time' `
    | Select-Object -ExpandProperty countersamples `
    | Select-Object -Property instancename, cookedvalue `
    | Sort-Object -Property cookedvalue -Descending | Select-Object -First 20 `
    | ft InstanceName,@{L='CPU';E={($_.Cookedvalue/100).toString('P')}} -AutoSize

    However not sure what is % here and why it is more than 100%. 

    What is _total is it total usage of CPU if yes then why it is more than 100% can we use it more than 100%.

    on the other hand what is idle?

    And does this screenshot means that mssenses is using 43.56% of CPU.

    Cheers, Gourav Please remember to mark the replies as answers if it helped.

    Thursday, January 10, 2019 4:53 AM


  • For the total, you can't go over 100%.

    For the display error I suspect a error in the cooked value. 

    performance counters typically have raw values, second values, and cooked values. The raw values and second values are the raw ingredients used by the performance counter, and the "cooked value" is the result of "cooking" those ingredients into something for human consumption.

    To rule it out please check in taskmgr the value while you run the powershell script.

    idle is the % of CPU left for other process, which is idle.

    For the third question, yes,  mssenses is using 43.56% of CPU

    Regards, Philippe

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