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  • I'm creating Exchange 2007 2 node A/P SCC failover clusters, using an HDS AMS2500 for SAN storage.  The SAN team has provisioned and assigned multiple 40GB LUN's to my Windows nodes, and I'm supposed to use Windows 2008 Disk Manager to turn some of these into 160GB volumes using four 40GB LUN's (we're going to have 7 storage groups, so 7 x 160GB volumes for databases, and 7 x 40GB volumes for transaction logs).  I have 2 questions on how to do this:

    1 - Should I use striped or spanned volumes?  The 40GB LUN's each come from a different 4 disk 1+0 raid group on the AMS2500, so the various 40GB LUN's I would use to create the 160GB volume won't be on the same spindles as each other, thus spreading the I/O around.  I'm expecting to use up to 75% (DB's will get up to 120GB) of the volume at most, so 40GB likely will sit there unused.

    2 - Will there be a problem with me creating the striped or spanned volume on one node and then configuring the cluster?  I can create the volume on node A, but node B still sees the individual 40GB LUN's, right?  Will that cause an issue when I'm configuring the shared cluster volumes?

    P.S. CCR is out of the question for reasons I can't go into, I'm stuck using 2 node A/P SCC failover clusters.  I've also been told by the SAN team that they can't take the 40GB LDEV's on the SAN and create a 160GB LUN to provision to me, because the 40GB chunks come from different raid groups.

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  • Well, I found my own answer, and it is No.  When you use Windows 2008 Disk Manager to take multiple LUN's and make a spanned or striped volume out of them, it converts the LUN's to dynamic disks, which can't be used as shared storage in an SCC failover cluster.

    Basic Disks vs. Dynamic Disks section

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