Folder Redirection my Desktop and Documents folder disappear when i disable the folder redirection policy


  • Hello All,

    I had created a fodler redirection policy to redirect desktop and documents to a share, It was working very slow but was working for all. so i had to disable the folder redirection due to manager pressure which i did, but the files disappeared from the desktop, So I reenablled the policy and made the changes to the policy to "Redirect the folders back to the profiles" ,

    Today my server was restarted due to power issues and the policy has taken effect again and some of the desktop items have disappered. I need to find a solution to this issue

    Server is Windows 2008 R2

    Clients are windows7

    I have tried to reset CSC by using the formatdatabase registry fix.

    On user desktops i cannot do anything not even create a shortcut of copy paste any file, Same is true for my documents folder.

    Please suggest what to do

    Exchange Rocks

    Saturday, November 17, 2012 12:12 PM


  • Hi,

    From your description, first of all, please understand that since you didn’t choose the option “Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when policy is removed” before trying to stop Folder Redirection, so we could not find anything in the desktop of the clients when the Folder Redirection policy was removed. In order to stop Folder Redirection correctly, I suggest we could refer to the following article.

    How to stop Folder Redirection in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows 2000 Server

    Secondly, you have re-enabled the Folder Redirection policy and chose the option “Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when policy is removed” , but the files of the clients’ desktop disappeared again after rebooting the server. At this time, I suggest we could check the shared folder that you redirected the folders to, to see if the files are stored normally. Then we could also check if the problematic users and computers have received the Folder Redirection policy with the right settings configured correctly. Please collect the following information to see if the policy have been applied correctly.



    a. On domain controller, click Start ->Run, type GPMC.MSC, it will load the GPMC console.

    b. Right click on "Group Policy Result" and choose wizard to generate a report for the problematic computer and user account (please place appropriately). (Choose computer and select the proper user in the wizard)

    c. Right click  the resulting group policy result and click the "Save Report…" => save report to save the report to a HTML file.

    In addition, here are two similar threads as reference, hope this helps.

    Stopping Folder Redirection - Return to local?

    Best Regards,

    Andy Qi

    Monday, November 19, 2012 9:06 AM