Best practice for deploying printers


  • I know that this has been covered all over the place but, there is so much information that it's rather difficult to decipher if it the answer or not to my question. My applogies if this has been answered already and please provide me a link if it has.
    Question: Our environment has one Domain, Physical sites are broken down by OU's, and departments are then sub OU's of the site. Currently to deploy printers we are creating a seperate GPO for each department. Which at this point we have a whole lot of GPO's basically using what's found here: What I would like to know is if there is another way to deploy printers in a manner that doesn't require that seperate GPO for each department. I was looking at GPP but, I still kind of got the jist I would be in the same boat of creating a seperate GPP type thing for each department. Any help or direction would be great. Thanks.
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