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  • Hello everybody,

    recently, we migrated our fileserver from a Windows Server 2012 R2 over Windows Server 2016 to a new Windows Server 2019 VM (fully patched). There are about 120,000 files of all sorts stored in the main file server share. We used Windows Server to have a fulltext index of the documents, running on the fileserver itself. This worked just perfect for many years.

    Now, we find that the index service says it successfully indexed about 120,000 files. The index files take about 600 MB. Event Log says nothing about any problem with the Windows Search service. However, if I search for a single word (say, "angebot" in German, which means "offer") in a folder where several documents named "Angebot Product XY Variant 1.docx" with "1" ranging from 1 to 5, none of these documents show up in the search results, besides the fact that not only the documents themselves contain the word being searched for but even the file name starting with that word.

    We tried to install the Office 2010 Filter Pack (x64) on the server and rebuild the index, but it did not change anything. Still, search results are way too few, and no error message is visible to clients or in the event logs. This is regardless of whether we search from a file server client (having a mapped drive to the file server share) or directly on the file server in its local folder. The folder has been included in the indexing service's configuration. SYSTEM (the account the Windows Search service runs under) has full access to all files. File full names are no longer than 217 characters. Users have change permissions on the folders. And, as said, this has worked for years in older Windows Server releases.

    What could we do to make the file server fulltext index work again as expected please?

    Best Regards, Stefan Falk

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