Windows Server 2016 Nano Server SMB Edition

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  • Some years ago Microsoft announced that SBS 2011 was the last version as we know it. Packed with goodies like Exchange Server and Sharepoint SBS was the ultimate server for SMB’s. Microsoft has understood that SMB’s need an integrated solution for mail and document sharing and noticed that not many SMB’s are willing to make the switch to cloud solutions like Office 365.

    Together with many (former) MVP’s Microsoft has designed a new solution based on Windows Server 2016 Nano Server SMB Edition. Packed on a USB stick this new server product is only 1.2 GB and uses no more the 512 KB Ram. It runs on any device!  It contains a new stripped down version of Exchange called mini ME (mini Mail Exchange) and ShareLittleDoc for easy document exchange.

    There is no need for a real server anymore. Just stick the USB drive in your laptop or desktop computer and your Window Server 2016 Nano Business server boots and is instantly available.

    Now you can go anywhere with your portable private server! A Technical Preview will be available soon for those who want to test it.

    Mariëtte Knap | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook

    Friday, April 01, 2016 8:42 AM

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