Windows Security Service Center Remains Disabled


  • My OS is Windows 7 and I had Microsoft Security Essentials.

    I seem to have had a virus/malware attack, as my IE would randomly launch on its own and when I googled a site, it would go to some other site. I tried running Security Essentials; it appeared red, and as soon as it came up on screen, it disappeared. I uninstalled it, and then reinstalled, but it failed to launch.

    Then I ran onecare safety scanner (comprehensive). It picked up a couple of virus/malware occurrences but was unable to clean them.

    Then, some online forum suggested using Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, which both picked up the threats and cleaned them. But the Security Services still remained disabled and Security Essentials still failed to launch.

    My system tray keeps showing me the flagged message "Turn on Windows Security Center service (Important)" but when I click, it says "The Windows Security Center service can't be started."

    Then, I found some suggestion about starting the services.msc - by clicking on properties, choosing automatic and then clicking start - but while this solution may have worked for a lot of cases, in my instance the security center (under services) reverts back to "disabled". I have even chosen to "restart the service" under recovery, and yet no signs of it starting up.

    Any thoughts?

    Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:06 PM