Need to migrate Serv2008 DC to new 2016 box and possibly naming it the same... RRS feed

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  • Greetings,

    I've found a number of articles all over the place about doing this however they involved different ways of doing it, which might or might not all work, but I figured I'd post the question on Technet's site instead.

    I'm retiring a 2008 DC and bringing up a new Server 2016 box. This is for a small company that's only got 12 employee's and they've currently only got the one server. They are connecting to a DB through a billing application that's not the easiest to change server settings in so the idea is to bring the new 2016 server up with the same name and try to minimize the need to touch every PC. 

    The main question is Is this doable with out a lot of headaches or would it absolutely be best to have it named something else, promote the new server to the DC and go back around and touch all the PC to map the software to the new server?

    I've done a lot with permissions, GPO's, AD clean up and the like but I have not done a lot in a scenario like this. At the corp I'm at now, it's mostly just VM administration work so this is a little new to me and it was a side project I was asked if I could help with and I'd like to learn something new.

    If this is doable, what is the best way to migrate a new server to the DC, naming it the same to minimize down time with changing application settings and bringing the old one offline? 

    If someone wouldn't mind giving me some advice one way or another here, I would greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you,


    Thursday, May 23, 2019 4:14 PM

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