Can't set UAC GPO's in german version as it just shows @appinfo.dll,-200


  • Hi,

    I was digging around to figure out where the UAC controls went. 
    Well they are here, but named weird: @appinfo.dll,-200, .-201 and so on. 

    When I view details, the explanation is there in german. 

    But the dropdown lists are empty. (seems for some missing translation),
    so I am unable to choose anything.

    Policies with activate/deactivate migh work, but policies with more settings do not. 
    Any way to get around this or just using powershell?

    For me it just seems translation errors (which I found a bunch), the worst is in Hyper-V.
    When you want to restart, it warns you that you delete a server instead of restarting it.... 

    Anyway, any guidance how to solve it?
    Would be good if a translation is missing, that it's just english... 



    Tuesday, December 04, 2012 7:00 PM