How to stop hacking via illicitly installed Windows Server r2 on single consumer's Windows 7 Home Premium


  • I am hacked most certainly due to reporting environmental issues that affect corporate interests. I've been warned, "We do not want this story in the paper. " I have an ethical obligation as a journalist to the public interest, and to keep information from sources secure unless presented with a court order. I am a correspondent, freelance as well, and not part of a news organization's intranet. I have an authorized intranet and workgroup on my computer, with options grayed out. I am a single consumer user of Windows 7 Home Premium with an HP notebook. (Same happened with last Toshiba notebook.) I experience connection interference and control that intentionally interferes with news gathering and is an enormous time sucker. A Toshiba hard drive was installed on HP notebook shortly after its purchase (its warranty date changed in effect voiding it). That gave hacker remote access to download Windows Server 2008 2r without my knowledge or permission. I've more evidence of wrongdoing. My questions: What anti spyware programs prevent misuse of unauthorized programs like Windows Server or enterprise structures? I found Norton, Avast, and other programs compromised after installation either by changes to system, or I suspect by posing as enterprise and purchasing upgrades. This is done by an individual with the knowledge of a computer tech, which I am not. Thank you.
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 1:18 AM