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  • Hello there.

    I have trouble with client workstations and our Remote Desktop Server unable to be accessed by users and Administrators.  In order to resolve these issues, I either have to log on to the RDS through my VMware console viewer for the RDS, and for workstations losing mapped drives or folder redirection is the restart the client computer.

    PDC is Server 2008 R2 Standard running AD/DNS/DHCP and File Server with a single

    BDC is Server 2012 R2 Standard running DNS

    RDS is Server 2012 R2 Standard running Remote Desktop Services


    • Cisco Router running NAT rules.  It does have a Google DNS IP


    • IPv4 (Scope: -
    • Scope Options: DNS Servers include PDC & BDC IP's, Public IP,, ISP DNS 1 & DNS 2
    • Scope Properties: DNS dynamic updates according to the settings below - Dynamic updates DNS A and PTR records only if required by DHCP clients ENABLED, Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted)
    • Best Practice Analyzer: DHCP should be bound to an IPv6 address. (I currently have IPv6 enabled and set to Obtain IPv6 automatically, and Obtain DNS server automatically in the Network Adapter not sure why I get this error)


    • Forwarders have BDC IP, OpenDNS 1 & 2 and ISP DNS 1 & 2 IP's (in that order)

    On a client computer, I am unable to set DNS to Auto Discover, as it is always greyed out.  I manually have to add them, and if I do not have them in a particular order, I get timeout on Internal and/or External connections.

    On our RDS, users are unable to connect each morning until I log on as Administrator through my VMware vSphere Server Client Viewer. Once I have logged in through the VMware viewer, I can then log in as Administrator via RDS connection, and all other client connections are also then able to connect.  Why does this happen every day?

    I've tried to Flush DNS and then Register DNS without any change.

    I feel there are settings not configured correctly, but am unable to pinpoint it at all.  Researching the web, there are so many different ways to configure DNS and DHCP, I don't know what is causing this.

    One of my client computers is a user who is continually having trouble losing connection to one or more mapped network drives, and sometimes becomes inaccessible after successful opening up a document but fails to save it as the location cannot be accessed.

    Please help.


    Thursday, January 14, 2016 4:21 PM

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  • Not sure where to start in this post.  I'll just leave it at the general - internal Active Directory domain clients and servers (including DHCP servers) *must* point to the Active Directory domain controllers/DNS servers for their DNS and not to an external DNS address.  Each domain controller must point to itself for DNS for primary and the other other DC as its secondary.  IPv4 should be bound first in the NIC settings for all adapters on every client and server, and IPv6 bound second.  Forwarders should be your OpenDNS and ISP DNS only, *no* internal DNS IP should be in that Forwarders list.

    Best Regards, Todd Heron | Active Directory Consultant

    Saturday, March 5, 2016 12:31 PM