Windows Server 2016 - DC changes the network type to public from time to time


  • Hello microsoft community,

    from time to time the DC comes up from a boot with network type set to public. The first time that happened I did not realized what triggers that behavior but I realized many problems with different type of services the server should provide. On a workstation it is the first thing I have got a look onto it but on a single domain controler it took me about two hours to find the solution.

    The Update from last week (Tuesday) was the next time the problem came up. Updates installed -> reboot -> network type private. Network interface disabled and enabled again fixed the issue but this behavior requires my attention after rebooting the machine. To be clear that no misconfiguration causes the problem I re-installed the server in a minimal way. DC, DNS, DHCP were installed and configured then I decided to install WINS feature. After next reboot the server came up with network type public again.

    Is there someone who expected the same behavior and who know how to get the network type problem fixed forever?

    Regards, Heini
    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:59 AM

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