Capacity Planner Error


  • I am trying to use the Hyper-v Capacity Planner but keep getting an error. The Planner runs completely through and then errors out with "Errors occurred while collecting counters on primary. Check logs for more details." I check the logs and it has this error

    "Exception recvd. at CollectPrimaryCounters One or more errors occurred.    at Microsoft.Virtualization.HVRCapacityPlanner.CalculateCapacity.CollectPrimaryCounters(Int32 MachineIndex)
       at Microsoft.Virtualization.HVRCapacityPlanner.CalculateCapacity.<>c__DisplayClass1.<CalculateCapacityInternalStep1>b__0(Int32 currentCounterInfoList) Inner Exception: One or more errors occurred.    at Microsoft.Virtualization.HVRCapacityPlanner.Utilities.<>c__DisplayClasse.<CountersCalculation>b__c(Int32 line)".

    I have no idea what this is. All firewalls are off.

    Fred Wilburn

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 7:50 PM

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