Setting up a Server 2008 Network


  • Ok, well im kind of new to the whole server world. I'm a site designer and have been hosting my websites on one server with a dynamic IP, a TLD, and using everydns for updating my ip registered with the domain. So now i have a few spare desktops laying around and im trying to get my first nice little network setup. I was thinking of setting up a free SLD with dyndns and using the ip updater to lead access the dns server im planing on setting up. 

    So basically heres my plan: is the domain going to my dns.
    i use that domain as a nameserver for my TLD.
    then my DNS distributes the web traffic to my web server, my mail traffic to my mail server, and my ftp traffic to my ftp server.
    also i want to setup network login for my local PC's via the DNS, and maybe network load distrobution for my web servers

    is this possible? and if so, could somebody help me along the way?

    Phil Ulrich

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008 10:53 PM


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