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  • We had setup HyperV replica on the 2 sites locations where each VM initial replication worked fine, however after a day while checking replication health on replica server we get a warning where replica  is behind the primary  for mor e than one hour).

    Avg latency is showing up as 16:56

    I can see 4 recovery points though.

    I found that on Primary - Replication Synchrnization settings default seetting is selected to replicate between 6:30 om to 6 am, is this latency due that?

    if not that how do i check what is error and how to fux.

    On primray : REplication health shows normal


    Virtual Machine Name,Start Date for Report,Health Monitoring Interval Ending Date,Replication Health:,Replication State:,Replication Type:,Current Primary Server:,Current Replica Server:,Average size:,Maximum size:,Average latency:,Errors encountered:,Successful replication cycles:,Total replication cycles,Size of data yet to be replicated:,Last synchronized at:
    a.au,8/28/2013 9:00:00 PM,8/29/2013 5:06:44 PM,Warning,Replication enabled,Replica,a.au,replica.au,1 MB,55 MB,16:56:45,0,241,241,-,8/29/2013 12:08:19 AM (More than an hour ago)


    Replication Health

    Thursday, August 29, 2013 7:47 AM