Server 2008R2 on SATA2 & Win 7 on SATA0 both internal drives... need Dual boot!


  • I Installed Server2008R2 on a second SATA drive by pulling the SATA cable off SATA0, the(C:) win 7 primary drive.  I did this because I wanted to protect the Win7 drive - No problems installing came up and is running fine.  So I reconnected the (C:) SATA0 Cable.    

    So I first try to legacy boot Srv2008R2 SATA2 from the BIOS... By going into the BIOS and moving the cursor into the Legacy portion and selecting SATA2  But it ignores SATA2 and boots Windows 7.  I now think that the UEFI Boot order is first and Legacy boot order is overridden.   it only boots Win 7 because the Windows Boot Manager is pointed to by the UEFI and the Windows Boot Manager only looks at the BCD in Win7... Is this a fair assumption?

    SO if I had not disconnected SATA0 (WIN7 C:) drive when I did the install would SRV08R2 install have allowed me to install on SATA2 and create the dual boot automatically?

    Can I disable the UEFI and go with Legacy booting, if so how?

    Can I just add an entry to the Win7 BCD pointing to E: SATA2, SRV2008R2?

    Should I just reinstall SRV08R2 and this time not disconnect the SATA0 cable and the dual boot will automatically be created?

    Thanks Greg.

    Friday, May 10, 2013 12:50 AM


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